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I’m a Louisville, KY based wedding and portrait photographer. I have a passion for people and for story-telling + am excited to help couples capture their one-of- a kind love story through professional photography. I approach each wedding + session with the idea that I truly want to document your love the way it unfolds. My photography represents the raw + real emotions of everyday life. If that means me capturing your groom ugly crying when he sees you and the boys drinking bourbon and shooting skeet before the ceremony, I want to be there to document it all!

If you’re down for that, I’d love to third wheel your love story.

Photos by: Naomi Ruth Photography 



Your photographer is a very personal part of your day, and it's so important to make sure you feel comfortable with who you're hiring. We are literally with you more than anyone else on your wedding day, including your groom! We are there in the bridal suite calming your nerves and getting you into your dress on time. We are sometimes the only witnesses to that moment when you see your groom for the first time! We send you off in the most glorious of exits and are often the last person to hug you when you're hopping into the send off car. We get to know your friends and feel like apart of your family on the most important day in your life thus far. Needless to say choosing your photographer is a BIG DEAL. 


To serve you + your loved one through high-quality professional photography - and have lots of fun along the way! Your photos should be reflective of your personality, heart + passion for one another.

Anything else is just silly.



I started my photography business over 2 years ago as a "side hustle" to help pay the rent in our tiny, newlywed apartment while my husband was still in school. What started as a fun hobby turned into a full blown business and one I grow more and more passionate about each and every day. 



I’m a Tennessee native living in Kentucky. I am a wife to the hottest redhead you will ever meet and the mom to the cutest mini redhead you will ever see.

I love coffee, Jesus, tailgating during football season, wine, a good book, home decor and organization (almost too much.)

I am blessed to have been doing this photo thing for a few years now and I am even more excited to step into this role of a full-time mom, wife and wedding photographer. Story-telling through photographs is my true passion. I am grateful for the opportunities this little thing that started as a hobby has brought to me and my growing family. I am excited to teach other photographers how to grow their businesses just like I did. And I am excited to continue growing in myself + my work.

My primary focus is to build a relationship with anyone who's in front of my camera, and know them as more than a client or subject. I'm a strong believer that it's important to make a connection with whoever I'm photographing so that I can truly tell their story in a genuine way. So yes - I'll definitely cry during your vows and the father daughter dance.

I know that I am not the photographer for everyone and that’s okay. But if you are willing to get a little dirty, if you don’t think I’m crazy for pulling over on the side of the road because the light is just “too good" to miss right here and if you are okay with me getting “too invested,” then I’d love to hear from you!