Orchard 2015 | October Goals

Happy October friends! This is seriously my favorite month! Sweaters, pumpkins, scarves, cozy fall weather.. bring it on! (and I can finally wear orange without Joseph shaming me for saying it's a Tennessee color!) Yesterday Joseph and I being the fall addicts that we are celebrated October 1st in the most fall way -- at the apple orchard! I had never gotten to go to the orchard before, but I am so glad that we got to experience this first, along with many others, together! 

we visited Evan's Orchard in Georgetown, KY and I have to say it was so much fun! we got to pick our own apples, pick out our own pumpkin, get lost in a corn maze, make new friends at the petting zoo and bring out our inner child on the huge slides they had there! Joseph, can we do this everyday!? 

October Goals: 
- Focus on school work, I am such a procrastinator and it definitely showed on my last exam.
- Do 2 photo sessions
- Step up my game on my instagram posts. I feel like I should work to created my insta feed to be more of a reflection of my photography. while I do not want to lose the personal documents, I feel like instagram is such a vital role in establishing myself as a photographer so I should take it more seriously. 
- check out the local Night Market in Lexington. Once a month, they have a "Night Market" of local businesses and vendors. I always have the best of intentions to check it out, but something always comes up. I wanna make sure I get there this month
- be more aware of where/ how I invest my free time
- Run & go to the gym at least 3  times a week
- Do one craft project for myself
- Go to Keeneland fall meet

-visit a pumpkin patch and other fall things