An Introduction to Fields of Grace

I'm Lindsey. I am the dreamer + schemer behind Fields of Grace Photography. 


Here at Fields of Grace, I have a big love for l-o-v-e, but not just any love, your love. Fields of Grace exists to help you capture those moments that you are going to cherish for a lifetime. Whether it's your wedding day, your child's three-month old photos or family photos, I believe that everyone has a story and everyone's story is unique; those real moments of you playing with your kids, holding hands on the sidewalk or just being still with one another are the key to telling your story and what makes your love yours. I strive to bring your love to life through photos. One thing I love most about photography is the creative + free spirited part that allows me to try new things. I am a hopeless romantic, lover of love and being able to capture that love through a lens. I want my clients to step away happy + delighted.  I really do not give a lot of direction when I'm shooting because I prefer those candid and real moments that make you you, but I will give direction when necessary. I began to be interested in photography whenever I was eight, but I never really had an opportunity to pursue it, then as my husband and I were planning our wedding last year I really became interested in it, it was over the course of the last year the Lord has really shifted my creative focus to my first love photography and thus, I knew that this little "hobby" of mine couldn't just remain a hobby.. I knew I needed to at least try and take it to the next level so I began to practice, study and work alongside other photographers, soaking up every ounce of knowledge I could get to hone in on my craft. I have failed a lot along the way, but I have also learned so much from it. So in 2015, Fields of Grace Photography was born and my dreams were finally coming true.

Image by Photography Anthology - all credit goes to her! 

Image by Photography Anthology - all credit goes to her! 

10 Things you may not know about me:

+ I follow way to many home decor blogs. 
+ I have two dreams jobs: being a photographer is one, the second is being Joanna Gaines. Sadly, Joanna Gaines is already Joanna so I'll stick to photo. 
+ I really love chips + queso.
+ I color code my closet.
+ I am terrified of scary movies and things of the sort.
+ My husband swears I am OCD. We agree to disagree on this.
+  I have this thing for morning light & sunsets. 
+ Joseph is by far my favorite person on the planet. We met working at Crossings Ministries out of the 40 + staffers that worked there, there are at least 3 other couples that have gotten married! 
+  I believe there are few better things then sitting on the dock at our lake house with family & I much prefer stars over streetlights.  
+ But above all, I find strength in where I stand with my sweet Savior. 

Now that you know a little more about me, I'd love to meet you, too! Feel free to comment below about some of your favorite things, what you're most passionate about or if you would be interested in working together, or just meeting up for coffee, shoot me and email at

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