New Mercies

(Photo from Pinterest)

I am so thankful for the simple, yet mind-boggling truth that the Lord bring new mercies each morning. Let me rephrase that: He has new mercies for you today. It's not that this is some revolutionary thought, but for this week I have been basking in the glory and finding deeper meaning in it as the Lord continues to teach me - even in the ugly parts of my life. (In fact, if I am honest, it's often more times during these moments then ever before.) In my 24 years of life I would argue that those things that have been exponentially harder have always turned out for the good. 

Like moving to a new city, struggling to find a job, suffering through depression and just life struggles in general, the Lord often times shows out in more ways than I could have imagined. Why is that though? Why does it often take Him getting us to that point for us to notice He's at work? You know the point where you honestly don't know if you can still go on, but somehow you do? Often these moments in my life when I am crying out to the Lord that I just can't handle anymore, He has spoken volumes to my faith and strengthened and grown me in more ways that I ever thought possible.

Which brings me back to His new mercies. This makes me even more grateful that they are new everyday - we aren't running on yesterday's grace; his mercies are new everyday and they will be new tomorrow no matter what I am struggling with, His grace is sufficient.

            "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; for His mercies never come to an end; they are new with every morning. Great is His faithfulness." -Lamentations 3:22-23

Since the fall we will struggle, stumble and fail in the process but His mercies are always right there to catch us. We are each just broken vessels living in a broken world. But with Jesus and him alone, I am a work in progress. Don't fall into the lie that the world loves to tell that hard times are bad. One of the hardest things a pastor told me to pray one time was this: for the Lord to teach me to trust Him, especially through the hard stuff. 

The Lord has not called you to something that He has not already equipped you for. He sometimes makes things hard to show us how much we need Him. Life so often doesn't go our way, but that doesn't take away from His goodness.