My Happy Place | The Lake House

This summer has been quite different than any of the others that we have experienced so far. Not only has it been torrential downpours for the majority of "summer," but it's also our first summer in "the real world." No summer breaks to just chill and hang like we used to, which means less time getting to do some of the things that we love. The mister's job usually requires him to work weekends so we were ecstatic when we found out that he would have July 4th weekend off! WHAT??! The rain cleared out for the most part so we finally got to enjoy a day on the lake. The lake house will forever hold a special place in our heart. Many of the mister's fondest memories are with his family building this house. He grew up there and it was his home away from home for many summers growing up. It's also the place he first told me he wanted to be best friends, the place we had our first picnic under the starts, where we had our first dance, it's where he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever and where we went for honeymoon #1! It will forever be special to us and is one of my favorite places on Earth to be. I am so thankful for my sweet in-laws for sharing their beautiful home with me and welcoming me in with open arms! We are so blessed.

Also a big thanks for everyone putting up with me while I snap photo after photo!