2015, you were amazing! Words cannot express my gratitude to the Lord who continues to provide for me, even when I am so undeserving, to my clients who support me, and my friends, family, and wonderful husband who believes in me and anything I put my mind to! 2016, you have some big shoes to fill! 

So whether I post them or not, at the beginning of each month, I typically create some type of "goals for the month list." Often times, throughout the month this list either gets misplaced, forgotten in the busyness, or at the end of the month the things I never got crossed off leaves me feeling defeated and unproductive. Am I alone here? I am sure there are some people out there that can relate when I say that we can be too hard on ourselves. I know for a fact that sometimes it's okay to be self-critical, but if there is one thing that 2015 taught me, there is also a time to step back and forgive yourself because you aren't going to be perfect. (1)

I'll just say that again for myself and anyone else who needs to hear it: "Self, you aren't going to be perfect." The sooner you realize that the better. Forgive yourself and move forward. 

So this year I'm going to strive for greatness, not perfection. I'm going to work on extending grace and not compare myself to others so much. (2) Because again if it's one thing that 2015 taught me, comparison will steal your joy; there's no doubt about it. I struggled with this so much last year, I can't tell you the countless times I came home crying because I didn't feel "good enough," or because "no one liked me." (Yes, I still feel like a middle school girl sometimes,) So in 2016, I am going to strive for greatness within myself and to not compare myself so much to others. If you are interested here's a great article I read this morning about Overcoming Comparison. 

so cheers 2016. here's to new adventures, to being intentional, to nurturing my sweet friendships and relationships with family, with clients and with myself.  

Here are some things you can expect here for 2016: 
-new web design
- name change
-more blogging


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