Nicole + Parker, A Downtown Paducah Wedding


I'm not gonna lie, I really don't even know where to begin with these two. They took a day that was supposed to be all about THEM and completely made it all about OTHERS. Throughout the entire wedding day I didn't really seem them at all being "served," they were constantly serving others.. I guess that just tells you a little bit about who they are as a couple. Nicole went above + beyond to make accommodations for me and Joseph before we ever even got there, they set us up in a fancy room, made sure we knew where we were going and when I got to see her at the rehearsal dinner, she gave me the biggest hug I think I have ever received! And from when I first met Parker, he made me feel as though I was chatting with an old friend. So serving others and putting others before themselves is just who they are... so when you get to know these two a little it's no surprise at all that they took their day to serve others. They made Joseph and I feel like we were really apart of the wedding party, like they genuinely wanted us there celebrating with them, not just someone hired to take photos. They have a gift like that, no matter how long you are around them, you feel like the most important person in the room.

Nicole + Parker, thank you so much for letting us celebrate with you guys! Your friendship is a treasure! I have no doubts that you will have many, many more years of happiness together! ...and just think, it's only just getting started! 

Lindsey McDonaldComment