Ivana + Kyle, A Bowman Field Engagement Session, Louisville, KY


Ivana + Kyle met in the airport on the way to Vegas for her friend's 21st birthday vacation. He worked with her now husband at the time and since Ivana was in school in New Orleans her and Kyle had never met before. 

Ivana says she was instantly attracted to him and thought he was so 1) cute and 2) bold and hysterical. Once they got to Vegas they went to a night club there (that since has been closed or renovated or something) and when Ivana tells the story she fully believed that when they went there that night that he was gonna meet someone else and just leave her, but they hung out all night..... and for the rest of the trip! When they got back to Louisville, they parted ways and she thought she would never see him again since she was going back to school in New Orleans. Low and behold Kyle FACEBOOK MESSAGED her (isn't that where all great dates start?!?) and they met up at Garage Bar and then met some friends at the State Fair. It wasn't long after that that Kyle drove to Tulane, took Ivana to an LSU game and asked her to be his girlfriend :) 

They have gone through multiple instances of long distance, school, while Kyle was in flight school and now as he's training for his dream job!

Oh and I forgot to mention that he proposed in Vegas, the same place they met. I mean how much more romantic does it get. 

I can't wait to be there when these two FINALLY tie the knot next June!