Tip Tuesday: The Importance of Natural Light in the Getting Ready Room


Happy Tuesday, friends! Today we are chatting about The Importance of Natural Light in the Getting Ready Room (specifically in the Bridal Suite.) 

A room with some killer natural light can make or break your getting ready photos. There are other photographers out there that primarily like to shoot with off-camera flash now while I firmly believe there is a time to use off-camera flash, it really depends on the setting and in my opinion, the getting ready is not one of those places. My shoot style tends to focus primarily more on natural light - and if you've made it with me this far in my rambling - I am guessing yours does too. 


One of the most overlooked details of picking out a getting room for the bride is keeping in mind the importance of have a lot of natural light in the room. When you have a room that is filled with natural light, then the more natural and true to "real" our photos are going to be. The more natural light there is in the room, it allows you be fully represented the way things are, in the present without heavy editing post-processing, which is actually a win-win for both of us! 


Having natural light in the getting ready room also helps the other vendors, specifically for makeup, to match your skin tone most accurately. And from the photographers standpoint, the type of light you are being photographed in, really affects how your photos will turn out. 


So pro tip: when you are looking at potential venues, make sure the getting ready room has plenty of windows and potential for natural light. 

Speaking of the PERFECT and completely swoon-worthy getting ready room - check this one out at Warrenwood Manor - 100% a DREAM to photograph these getting ready photos + the entire wedding there. (which will be hitting the blog tomorrow, so if you like what you see, stay tuned!)


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