Shelby + John, An Elegant Warrenwood Manor Wedding

When you combine straight southern charm with the most kind hearted people I know, you get Shelby + John. These two ya'll. They love each other hard, but the best part... you can tell they love Jesus more. I am honored to have been able to capture the day these two become one. And it was at the fabulous Warrenwood Manor in Danville.

So I asked Shelby + John to answer how they met, favorite date, what it was that they were most excited about in marriage, etc. This is what they came up with:

From John to Shelby:

"We met on CSF's Florida Spring Break Trip in 2014. We rode down in the same 12 passenger van. We didn't talk much on that trip, but it was shortly after that that I became interested in getting to know you and eventually dating you. 

Our first date was supposed to be about two and a half hours at Coffee Times. It ended up being about 9 hours long and included coffee, a movie and dinner with friends, after which we went back to your apartment and you fell asleep on my shoulder (surprise, surprise). 

By the time I went down to Bowling Green with you for the first time (about 3 months into our relationship) I knew that I wanted to marry you. Everything after that point has just made me more sure of that decision. 

Once I decided to get the ring I just couldn't wait to give it to you.  I moved the day up like 4 times. I got your family and my family together at my parents house and took you to the Gorge.  It was a really beautiful day.  I fell in a pond getting your water bottle and the ring box wouldn't fit right in my pocket.  I was looking for a pretty place to propose and saw a really pretty place off the trail by a stream, so I took you down there and popped the question.

I loved carving a pirate jack-o-lantern with you, going to weddings with you is a blast and the Mammoth Cave tour we took together is one of my favorite things that we have ever done as a couple. 

I'm probably most excited to be able to share more of my life with you, to be a support system for you and to have you do the same for me. I'm looking forward to cooking together and getting a dog (and maybe a cat) and enjoying the rest of our lives together."

From Shelby To John: 

"John and I first met on a CSF spring break trip to Florida - we didn't talk a whole lot on that trip but it was where I first noticed him.  I remember one night we were all hanging out in the church and John started playing the cajon while some other people sang and played guitar.  I loved that worshipping was something natural for him.

My favorite date night was Valentines day two years ago when we took Chipolte to the park and went star gazing.  It was freezing out but so worth it - the sky was breathtaking that night and I felt like we were the only two people in the world.  

I am looking forward to tons of aspects of marriage - but I think I am most excited about the little things. I'm excited to make breakfast together in the morning, to watch UK games together in our PJs, to go camping together, to listen to the crazy stories he has from teaching high schoolers, to grow and serve together, and to spend the rest of my life with my best friend."

Yup, I'm not crying.... you're crying!!!! I hope you guys enjoy the photos!

They had an INCREDIBLE team of vendors to help make their dream a reality:

Flowers: Carol Lynn Events & Designs
Guitarist: Jacob Gaddie
Music/ DJ: Decades of Music
Videography: Summit Stone Creations
Cake: Sweet Temptations
Dress: Twirl Boutique
Rentals: Bryant's Rent - All
Catering: Selma's Catering

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