Tip Tuesday: The ONE Crucial Thing to Think About When Planning Your Wedding Timeline...


Today on #TipTuesday, I am sharing the ONE crucial thing to think about when planning your wedding timeline..... 


So light isn't necessarily the first thing you think about when planning out your wedding day, but I would implore you that it should be! When you do not consider the light and how it could affect your timeline, your big day could suffer. 

4 ways how not noticing / considering the light could potentially affect your day: 

1. The Getting Ready Room: The getting ready room should be a place filled with natural light! (something to look at when touring potential venues.) Read more about the importance of natural light in the getting ready room here. 

2. Pre-Ceremony Photos:  Almost always pre-ceremony photos are going to take place at a point in the day when the sun is higher than what many photographers would prefer to shoot at. Depending on the time of your ceremony, that will depend on where your photographer chooses to do a lot of your pre-ceremony photos. 

3. Ceremony Time: The light will also greatly affect your ceremony time, especially if the sun is really high and your ceremony is outside! (No one wants their groom so squinty at the end of the aisle that. he can't see her coming down the aisle!) 

4. Sunset Photos! (You'll want to make time for these in your timeline!) More on this to come. 

What are some of the biggest wedding planning tips you have? things you would have done differently?