The Seelbach, Ivana + Kyle

Oh man, where do I even begin with Ivana + Kyle’s blog post?!? Ivana and I used to work together and the day that she sent me a photo of her ring after she got engaged I literally screamed out loud. She’s one of those people who goes all in which is why she found Kyle because he absolutely adores her, it’s so evident.

Their story is literally one of the most hilarious ones you will ever hear and I just hope I can do it justice (if you ever meet them in person make them tell you sometime, I promise they will tell it a lot better!) It started like al great love stories do…. in the airport on the way to Vegas. How about I just let Ivana take it from here:

So how’d you guys meet?

“LOL. I love this one. We met in the Louisville airport on the way to Vegas for my best friend's 21st birthday vacation. He worked with her now husband at the time, and we hadn't met because I was at school in New Orleans. I was so so instantly attracted to him and thought he was 1) so cute and 2) bold and hysterical. We went to a nightclub (that has either now closed or is being renovated) called PURE in Caesar's because we were the only 2 people on the trip that wanted to have any fun apparently. I was sure he would leave me at the club for some other pretty Vegas girls but he stayed with me the whole night- and the rest of the trip. When we got home I thought I'd never see him again (or at least before I went back to Tulane) but he asked me on our first ACTUAL date over Facebook messenger because he didn't have my number. We went to Garage Bar, and then to the State Fair with the same friends we went to Vegas with. Then I went back to school- at this time I was sure it was a lost cause because he was quasi-dating someone else at the time. At first he said we should stop talking because of this person. But then he ditched her and drove by himself to New Orleans to visit me for a weekend and take me to an LSU football game, and asked me to be his girlfriend. :)”

Where’d you go on your first date?

“TECHNICALLY Garage Bar but I say our first date was the city of Las Vegas :)”

They have gone through multiple instances of long distance- for the first 7 months of their relationship, had ~5-6 months together and then again were apart for 7-8 months while Kyle was in flight school in Bowling Green. They have a cat, Kiwi, that I’m sure you will hear about if you spend 10 seconds with either of them. Kyle has a way of telling jokes that no one can tell if he's joking or not and it’s actually quite hilarious unless the jokes on you and I can never tell….

Their day will always be special to me just because of who they are, but it’s also the last wedding at shot before I had Adaline! (at 37 weeks preggo haha thanks guys for putting up with me!)

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