Favorite Engagement Images of 2018 + My 5 Reasons Why You Should Have An Engagement Session

Talk about a mouthful title!!!! haha

Now that I have all my weddings from 2018 blogged I’m going to be sharing just a few of my favorite engagement images from 2018. Engagements are so much fun for me and there’s a reason I include them in all four of my wedding packages. Engagement sessions are a way for you + me to get to know each other prior to your wedding, develop a deeper relationship + I get a feel for what you and your significant other are comfortable with in front of the camera. They are no pressure and I am sure that you could ask any of these couples below (or previous couples) your engagement session is seriously FUN! It’s basically a date night that I just so happen to third wheel and take cute photos at…. doesn’t that sound like fun?!?!

So in all engagement session tips, here’s my five reasons why you SHOULD have an engagement session with your photographer:

  1. It helps your understand how your photographer works. Most couples have a general idea of their photographer’s style prior to booking and you may think you have a general idea of how an engagement session should go, but EVERY photographer is different and they like to run their sessions certain ways. Knowing how your photographer works is crucial in making sure you are comfortable with them on your wedding day!

  2. It gives you a sneak peek into what you will look like in your wedding photos. Most couples have not had a professional photo session prior to their engagement session!

  3. You + your photographer get to know each other better. And your photographer gets to know your fiancé. Most of the time until your engagement session your photographer has been communicating via the bride.

  4. See what poses work / what didn’t work + it’s a great chance for photos in your “everyday clothes".” We still have photos from our engagement session back in 2014 hanging in our home.. Joseph and I were such babies! Seeing what poses work / doesn’t is also another important step in photographing you in the most natural way possible. (which is an added benefit for your wedding photos!)

  5. IT’S FUN!!!!

Your season of engagement is such a short period of your love story that only happens once. It’s the milestone between dating + marriage and whether you have a long or short engagement it deserves etc be documented in all it’s glory!