It all started when...

I hubby let me save up for my first camera when we got married in 2014! It took me a year to save up but I finally snagged my Nikon D7300 in 2015 and I thought I had the best thing I could ever ask for! It was a GREAT camera and got me to where I am today. Taking photos what something that just started as a hobby, a way to document my new life as a wife. However, in the fall of 2015, a dear friend asked me to second shoot a wedding with her and I was hooked! So in the fall of 2016 I took this little "hobby" of mine and turned it into a full-blown business. I don't think my husband really knew what he had gotten himself into when he let me save up for that camera. By no means do I have it all together nor do I know everything there is to know about technology or photography, but I've put in countless hours, sweat and tears to get to where I am now. 

My goal with Education is to just come alongside you in whatever stage you are in your business. It is such a deep desire of mine to share my heart and championing other photographers as they work to build their businesses too! 

So if you are a beginner photographer who is looking to take the next step in their business and are interested in investing in yourself + your business, holler!